Cali's Cotswold Tour - Gardeners Arms, Alderton

Cali's Cotswold Tour


Cali loves the Cotswolds and finding out about the best dog friendly places to go and rest her in head in a dog bed, to eat local treats, and to go walking. Recently she visited The Gardeners Arms in Alderton and this is what she had to say.

My tail is wagging with excitement as I approach the Gardeners Arms as I can't wait to go in and have fun there tonight, I bound out of the car and into an expansive car park, the pub has a large garden that lots of dogs and I can chase around in.

I race to get inside to see this lovely Cotswold pub and am immediately met with one of my favourite things, a huge amount of fuss! The landlady, Wendy, kindly greets me with a stroke and the loving staff follow suit, I like this place already.

When I wander over to my table I'm thirsty after my journey and the attentive staff have a bowl of water ready and waiting for me, just the job I take a few big slurps and then inquisitively sniff around the place. It's has a lovely Cotswold feel to it, with a big dining area and a cosy bar. I lay my head by their open fire in the snug I could definitely get used to this.

The kind staff all come over to see me and talk about their love for dogs and how nice it is to see me and just when you think this cosy and welcoming place surely couldn’t get any better, what's that a treat? I’m not going to say no to this but it's very kind of the staff to ask my owner if I'm allowed a treat or two. Please say yes, I will give you my paw! With that the kind staff treat me without me even having to bark for my supper, what a place. My owner eats as well and assures me their food was superb also so it's a big paws up.

I quietly relax under the table for a while this pub really is a great place to unwind and relax. The landlady comes over to speak to us again and now I know why they know how to treat us four legged visitors so well it's because she has her own dog, Scooby. He is a big and beautiful dog who is quite a local celebrity, apparently he is often found in the bar with the locals.

Wendy has been at the Gardeners Arms for fifteen years and regulars often bring their dogs here as well she tells us.. With her local doggy knowledge Wendy can suggest lots of places to go walkies in the area, one which is just opposite the pub, I will have to come back for that one it sounds just the right place to pick up some sticks, bound around and come back here afterwards for a drink.

I stay for a few hours by the fire and don't want to leave, I already feel at home here because of the attentive service, fuss and of course dog biscuits. When it's time to go the staff all fuss over me and say goodbye hopefully I will return again soon, I can definitely say that the Gardeners Arms is something to bark about.

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