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Dog friendly services in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds really does serve your dog's every needs. As well as providing the playing ground for your canine, it boasts a broad range of services that are necessary in caring for your four legged bundle of joy. Browse between dog sitters and walkers to kennelling and health care services, we have every base covered.

Dog Walkers & Sitters in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is awash with helpful doggy carers whether it be taking your dog for a walk or looking after it for the whole evening.

Dog kennels in the Cotswolds

It's always tough to leave your loved ones behind, but sometimes it's nice to have that bit of time to yourself.

Dog groomers in the Cotswolds

Pamper your pup whilst you’re in the area whether it is out of necessity or wanting to make sure they’re looking their looking best.

Dog health care in the Cotswolds

Although it's not going to be part of the planning of your holiday we can cover you by making sure you know who to contact for dog care if needs be.

Dog food and treat shops in the Cotswolds

This is the type of shopping that will really get those tails wagging with a huge selection of pet stores in the Cotswolds.

Dog friendly garden centres in the Cotswolds

After much time perusing through the gorgeous gardens of the Cotswolds, you may desire that Cotswold influence in your own home.

With many dog friendly photographers and print companies offering its services in the Cotswolds, you can immortalise your canine's magical experience.

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