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Joyful Dogs

Are You Looking For Puppy or Dog Training in Cheltenham/The Cotswolds?

Then, come and speak to Joyful Dogs.  Joyful Dogs uses kind, effective - and fun - training techniques so you can enjoy training your dog or puppy.  Joy Matthews is the founder of the business and is a positive reinforcement trainer: She’ll show you how to use games, rewards and praise to teach your dog to behave beautifully.  The result? A dog you feel proud of and can take anywhere.

Joyful Dogs offers 1:1 training for dogs and puppies as well as puppy classes via the 'Puppy School' network:

Puppy Training

You've got a new puppy - has your world been turned upside down?!  Puppies are always learning so it’s worth making sure your pup learns the right way to behave in different situations.  Joyful Dogs will help you teach your puppy all the basics including:

  • Sit, down, stand, wait/stay
  • How to say 'please'
  • Walking nicely on lead (no pulling)
  • Greeting people politely (no jumping!)
  • Sociability – with other dogs, children and people
  • Recall: Coming (quickly) when called
  • How to 'leave' certain objects
  • Playing nicely – giving up toys/games on cue
  • Being comfortable being handled (for the vet or grooming)
  • Accepting people near the food bowl

The result?  A puppy you can enjoy sharing your home and your life with.

Adult Dog Training

As dogs grow up, new training challenges arise:  Maybe your dog has developed 'selective hearing' or does a 'flyby' when you call?  If your dog has some bad habits that make you blush, Joyful Dogs will help you get things back on track.  Common training topics include:

  • Building a sharper recall
  • Polite greetings (no jumping) - with people, children; greeting other dogs calmly.
  • Lead walking - so your arm isn't wrenched from its socket!
  • Retrieving objects
  • How to 'leave' objects
  • Impulse Control & Focus - teaching your dog to manage his excitement and listen to you, irrespective of what else is happening
  • Confidence & resilience – being able to 'cope' in new situations (eg vets, groomers, home alone).

The result?  A dog you feel proud of and is welcomed anywhere.

Rescue Dog Training

Rescue dogs are special and sometimes need a little extra help adjusting to their new life.  Training is a wonderful way to help your rescue settle in, bond with you and become your perfect canine companion.  Joyful Dogs will show you how to train your rescue dog to adapt to a new life and build a loving relationship with you.  Choose from either 1:1 training sessions or, if your rescue is a youngster and able to cope with group classes, come along to our "Life Skills" course!

Why Choose 1:1 Training Sessions?

1:1 training means we tailor the sessions precisely to your dog or puppy’s particular needs;  it also means your dog or puppy can be trained in ‘real life’ situations for example at home or where you walk.  And because it’s 1:1 you can ask as many questions as you like!

Why Choose Group Classes?

The Life Skills courses have a maximum of 6 puppies – they’re a fun way for you to meet other puppy owners and, for your dog to make some friends.  The syllabus covers all the basics and the course consists of 6 x 1hr lessons.

FREE Consultation

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