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Dog Profile: Cocoa at The Red Lion



Name: Cocoa (The Landlady)

Breed: Chocolate Labrador

Age: 13

Home: The Red Lion, Long Compton

Preferred treats: All the treats but I especially like ham

Dislikes: Celery, onion and the picture of me on the wall in the bar that asks customers not to feed me. I will only eat lettuce if it is dressed with chefs homemade French dressing. As I am no longer a spring chicken, I also dislike customers sitting in my favourite seats, it’s time to go upstairs to bed when this happens.

Special trick: Human manipulation for food – as people always want my attention I only really give it to those that are willing to share their food with me.

Favourtie person: Anyone with food (although I do have a few special people that I love who have never fed me)

What I love the most: Food – I will do anything for food

What I do all day: Lazing around in the bay window by day, the bar by night, and begging for food from anyone I think might be an easy target – I can spot them from a mile off.

Why I love my home: I get to see people all day, I get cuddles, food (don't tell my owners as I’ve been on a diet since the day I arrived), I get to stroll in the garden and get to meet lots of doggy friends and their owners every day... and my owners are pretty cool too!

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