A doggy beer stocked at The King's Arms, Didmarton

Doggy beer at the King's Arms


Once upon a time

Spoof, the resident Jack Russell at The King's Arms in Didmarton, was fed up with all the people having so much fun in the pub, whilst the dogs had to sit by idly watching their owners share beers and gossip!

Not deterred though, Spoof has managed to convince the landlord to buy in some beer for him and his friends. Dogs of all shape and size, breed and pedigree, can now sup on their own, healthy beer for dogs: Snuffle!

Doggy beer popular within The Epicurean Collection

Snuffle is an imported Belgian beer for dogs, it's alcohol free and mixed with tasty doggy favourite flavours. In fact, such has been the excitement in doggy circles, that most of the King's Arms' sister pubs - including The Trout at Tadpole Bridge - have decided to offer the beer for their loyal four legged locals. All of the pubs are part of The Epicurean Collection; a selection of Britain's most iconic pubs and country inns, passionate about creating the ultimate countryside experience. This, of course, includes our beloved hounds.

Break away and dogs' treats

The King's Arms doesn't stop at offering beer: book to stay with your dog, and man's best friend will find a comfy bed, doggy treats and a bottle of beer waiting in the room. You will also find a puppy training pad to catch those little accidents during the formative years. With such beauty that is the South Cotswolds around you, there are so many places to explore, so you and your dogs can walk off all that beer!

For further information, please visit www.kingsarmsdidmarton.co.uk or contact the team at The King’s Arms on 01454 238 245 or by email, enquiries@kingsarmsdidmarton.co.uk

Further details about The Epicurean Collection can be found online at www.epicureantimes.com/collection

Dog beds are provided when you book with your dog. Please do inform a member of the team prior to your arrival and note that a £10 fee is chargeable per room for your dog(s).

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