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An Interview with Naomi - Cotswold Dog Days

Cotswold Dog Days


Hi Naomi, Tell us about yourself. What led you to starting Cotswold Dog Days?

Hello! Well most importantly I am mad about dogs; everyone who knows me knows how much I love them. I grew up with dogs throughout my childhood and have very fond memories of our West Highland Terrier Dexter and Border Collie Bonnie who used to round up dogs at the park. When I’m not spending time with dogs I enjoy photography, baking and life in my tiny Cotswold village.

A few years ago, after graduating from University I moved away from Gloucestershire to London to work in Financial Services. I hated it from day one and became very homesick, missing my friends, family and the countryside. I worked very long hours so was unable to have a dog of my own. I started taking a gorgeous Labradoodle called Phin out for the day at weekends. Every time I saw him he cheered me up to no end. One day my partner and I took Phin to Brighton and we had a great day out. I took some photos of him on the beach for his owners who were made up with them. After going travelling for a break from city life, my partner and I moved back to the Cotswolds and Cotswold Dog Days was launched!

How do your services differ to others?

A day out with Cotswold Dog Days is a luxury and exclusive experience for each dog depending on their location and needs – no mass dog walks or day care!

Clients choose a location for their dog’s day out such as in the Cotswolds or to Weston-super-Mare beach. Each day out includes photographs for owners to keep of their beloved dog having a fantastic time. As well as for locals, my services are perfect for those on holiday in the Cotswolds as I offer pick up and drop off at dog friendly cottages and hotels in the Cotswolds. Cotswold Dog Days enables owners to explore less dog friendly areas of the Cotswolds stress free knowing their dog is having a fun day out of their own.

I believe personal touches are really important so all clients fill in a questionnaire about their dogs so I know their favourite treats and toys to play with on walks. Doggies also receive a personalised birthday and Christmas card!

What do you enjoy most about running Cotswold Dog Days?

That's a hard one! I enjoy all aspects of being with dogs (apart from picking up poo!). I really enjoy taking photographs of them and hearing how thrilled their owners are with my snaps. I recently walked a Dalmatian and his owner was so happy with the photos I took of him she is going to get some printed onto canvas. I also really enjoy seeing dogs get excited when I arrive. I walk a beautiful Cockapoo and Labradoodle once a week and they get so excited when I arrive, it takes a few minutes for them to calm down to be able to put their leads on. Their owners always comment about how they look forward to their walk. It’s great that the dogs look forward to it as much as I do!

What would you say to an owner who is anxious about not being with their dog for the day?

I am fully insured and trained in Dog First Aid and Emergency Canine Care ensuring I can help in an emergency situation. I treat all dogs like they are my own and ensure they are well looked after. Water is always available on walks and during a day out I make time for them to have a nap so they don’t overdo it. All owners complete a new client form which provides details about their dog including their vet, health problems and temperament so I know what to expect and can plan a suitable day out. I also ensure owners are comfortable with me letting their dogs off the lead and they are required to sign an off the lead consent form.

I often send owners a text or email with a photograph of their dog during their day out so that they can see they are having lots of fun. And of course my services are one to one so owners have that extra piece of mind that their dog receives the attention they deserve.

How can we find out more about your services?

There is more information on my website where you can see our happy doggies and read reviews from their equally happy owners. I am also contactable via:

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