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An Interview with Victoria from The Tea Set

The Tea Set


Hi Victoria, could you tell us a little about The Tea Set?

I call The Tea Set "A New Kind of Tea Room in the Cotswolds". I set out to create a Cotswold tea room that was different from the many tea rooms already out there in the area. One where produce is fresh and, (where possible) local, one where items on the menu are freshly made on site and created with great love of the British tradition that is tea and cakes and one where a cosy atmosphere is created for visitors to enjoy whether they’re there for a quick coffee, afternoon tea or anything in between.

Where can dog owners find the Tea Set?

We have tearooms in both Chipping Norton (24 High Street, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5ER) and Broadway (1 The Huntings, Church Close, Broadway, WR12 7AH). We offer a free dog biscuit, handmade and fresh limitless water. Dogs are allowed inside our tearooms as well and out, so they can come along even when its cold or wet.

How can we find out more about The Tea Set?

We have a dedicated twitter page for all our dog customers and always ask their humans if it's OK to take a photo - where we display all our four legged friends @TeaSetDogs, and we also post onto our Instagram page, @chipnorteas and our two Facebook pages, TheTeaSetCafe and TheTeaSetBroadway.

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