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An Interview with Jason - The Animal Healer

The Animal Healer


Hi Jason! Can you introduce yourself to us. How long have you been practising animal healing?

Hi! All my life I have lived in the Pershore / Evesham area of Worcestershire and would one day like to make the Cotswolds my home, it’s such a beautiful area. My journey with healing began about 10 years ago when I became interested in hands-on healing and completed the foundation courses with the NFSH. This was, at the time, just for helping people. Then about 3 years ago I became interested in working with animals in a therapy capacity so I learnt animal communication which I still practice. This led me on to healing animals and reiki kept cropping up. I took that as a sign and I am now a fully qualified level 2 reiki practitioner, helping animals rather than people!

For those of us who aren’t aware, what is animal reiki?

Animal reiki is essentially the same as reiki for people although you have to apply it a little differently. Way back in 1922 a Japanese monk named Dr Mikao Usui became aware of the healing system through his own enlightenment and began to use it on people all across Japan. It then spread worldwide and is mainly offered for people but there is now a growing demand for the work on animals too.

Reiki is a completely natural healing system based on the transfer and balance of energy from practitioner to patient. If you look at the word reiki, ‘rei’ means spirit and ‘ki’ means life energy, so reiki is roughly translated as spiritual energy. Everything in the world is made up of energy but when an animal has an energy imbalance it can manifest in emotional or physical symptoms. So as a reiki practitioner we direct the universal energy source to an animal which can then help them restore their being in a holistic sense. In essence, I am not a healer, more of a facilitator to help animals heal themselves.

Taking this even further, reiki can be sent over distance. This is known as remote healing or distant reiki work. It works by connecting with the animal using a visualisation technique and the distant healing reiki symbol. And it actually works just as well, although I love to meet new dogs so the hands-on approach is my favourite. It can be especially useful though if your animal is in another country, particularly aggressive or if you want your pet to receive regular reiki when you cannot be there.

How can reiki healing help our animals, and will our pets would benefit from it?

By sending reiki energy to an animal we allow them to heal themselves. It’s a bit like when we feel depleted, stressed and fed up. If someone came and gave us a massage or we had a bit of ‘me time’ then we can help ourselves to feel better. Taken out of stressful situations allows us to rebalance and heal. Animals are the same as us in that they also feel stress, anxiety, fear and pain. We are all made of very similar stuff when you get down to it. When we are unwell we have unbalanced or depleted energy fields that can lead to illness and stress.

Reiki can help dogs and all animals in many ways such as pain relief, helping them heal quicker from a physical problem, providing them some stress relief and helping them cope with change. One thing I find that dogs really benefit from a bit of reiki is anxiety. I once worked on a dog who suffered from major anxiety and separation issues, yet after only one reiki treatment it had all cleared up. Usually it may take a few sessions but it can have a profound effect on dogs with emotional and mental issues.

It can also help with behavioural problems, such as when dogs are aggressive to people or other dogs. This usually stems from fear and reiki is a great way to help them overcome that too. The wonderful thing about reiki is that it will help heal the root cause of the suffering. If your dog is showing a problem it may be because of another root cause.

How would we go about booking you to help our pet?

If you visit my website and go to the animal reiki page you can book a session for your dog. I can either come out to your home and do a hands-on reiki session or you can book a distant healing therapy for your dog. Any animal will benefit from reiki so if you have a horse, cat, hamster or any other pet, I can try and help them too.

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