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Dog Profile: Jack at The Red Lion, Ilmington



Name: Jack... also known as Fluffy Jack – as there are too many humans called Jack that visit the pub!

Breed: Cockerpoo

Age: Two and three quarters. (My birthday is in June if anyone wants to send me a card)

Home: The Red Lion Ilmington, near Shipston on Stour

About me: It has been said that I am quite beautiful and have a soft coat – I am also hypoallergenic which makes Mummy very happy about cleaning the pub. I am friendly – my humans have explained this is very important for business and to be fair I quite enjoy socializing. Even the little humans are fun.

I must say I get on far better with other dogs and quite often we will wander around my garden, discussing matters of great importance. I even share my worldly knowledge of which tree those damned squirrels live in. And of course where the weird spiky-ball-like animal that travels through the garden that visits at night time. Mummy makes me stay away from that thing as it hurts my nose.

My preferred treat: Rib Eye Steak... Mummy says I am too fussy and a little bit spoilt.... I think she needs to reconsider her words very carefully!

My special trick: Tricks??? Whoah! I do not do tricks. I am far too intelligent to do tricks. I am however able to convince beautiful lady humans to cuddle me by looking deep into their eyes.

What I love the most: My Daddy

What I do all day: Follow my Daddy

Why I love my home: Daddy lives there

Why should humans come to visit: The pub is in an Area Of Natural Beauty, with fabulous walks for humans and of course dogs and everyone who comes to visit normally likes the Hooky beer and especially the Gin – I don't like Gin... We have a lot of Gin. I do however like Rib Eye Steak, which is served on a Thursday. On a Saturday we all have a sing song. Sometimes my Daddy sings, he is a professional musician, he likes music, we all like music, I love my Daddy.

Why should doggies come to visit: Other doggies should visit because we just have the best time. Mummy gets all gooey and lovey dovey with visiting dogs, and hands out biscuits and cuddles everyone! There is always water for when we are thirsty, especially after running around the garden. And I have lots of toys, which I am very happy to share. Perhaps Mummy was right, perhaps I am a little spoilt!

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