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Dog Profile: Rudolph at The Royal Oak



Name: Rudolph

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP)

Age: Almost 3

Home: The Royal Oak, Evesham

Preferred treats: My dad's homemade pig's ear crackling and homemade doggie beer.

Special trick: I can fly! (Well others call it 'roll over'... but I’m a reindeer!).

Favourtie person: Whoever has the best treats!

Why I love my home: I love living at The Royal Oak because I get so many doggie visitors! All the dogs love it here because we have a whole menu just for dogs (homemade treats, homemade dog beer, cotswold raw dinners & frozen yogurt for after!). In fact it’s so popular that it won 'Best Dog-friendly Pub in the West Midlands' in the DogBuddy 2016 Awards & 'Best Dog-friendly Pub in Worcester' in the Lux 2018 awards.

To all the doggies: Tell your humans to bring you down to The Royal Oak, where they can enjoy the award-winning ‘human’ menu, or a cocktail or two, while you slurp on the best doggie beer in town! See you soon, Rudolph

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