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Dog Profile: Spoof at The King's Arms, Didmarton

Spoof at the King's Arms


Spoof is the resident Jack Russell at The King's Arms, Didmarton. Spoof is fast approaching his fourth birthday, and has for the last two and a half years has enjoyed life in his second pub. Named after the famous pub drinking game, Spoof is a local celebrity, being friends with all, but he also has a more international following. One of the 150+ followers on his twitter site, Spoof is friends with the Guitarist and Singer Nils Lofgren, a member of Bruce Springsteen's famous E Street Band. It doesn't go to his head 'though, he is cocker hoop just chilling out, meeting new friends of the two and four legged kind at The KA! He does like to bark at the postman, Ray and other delivery staff, but he's soft at heart and is a very gentle little boy really!

Name: Spoof Birchall (twitter account: @spoof_birchall)

Breed: Jack Russell

Age: Almost 4

Home: The King's Arms, Didmarton

Preferred treats: Fish/ Raw meat diet, Cheese & our newly arrived Doggy Beer 'Snuffler'

Dislikes: No dislikes!

Special trick: My Twitter activity!

Favourite person: Apart from my Dad, Grandma & Grandad with the Beard, It’s My Aunty Kay, who lives close by and is always spending time with me.

What I love the most: Cats! I chase them near my home, they always scratch my nose, but I still go back for more. I even dream of cats at night, and if someone mentions the C.A.T word I'm up like a shot and on guard!

What I do all day: I do get walks when my Dad isn’t working, and locals always pop in and take me out for a walkie, but generally I sit in the window, or on my favourite chair by the fire. Most people like me and come and say hello, which I love. I also like children and am very good with infants and kids.

Why I love my home: It's a great British Country Inn, fantastic locals and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. I get to meet lots of four legged friends too which is great and now we have the Doggy Beer, we can all have a beer and share some doggy gossip!

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