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Dog Profile: Tafarn at The Fleece Inn, Bretforton



Name: Tafarn

Breed: Welsh Terrier

Age: 18 months

Home: The Fleece Inn, Bretforton

About me: Hello, I'm Tafarn, pubdog at The Fleece Inn, a dog friendly, award winning pub in Bretforton. I'm a Welsh Terrier, named 'pub' in Welsh (could have been worse, could have been Cwrw!) and two of my brothers, and my mum also live in the village. We like to get together and cause chaos...

Preferred treats: The stash of dog biscuits behind the bar, I try and eat them all before other dogs can get at them! Roast carrots on a Sunday washed down with our doggie beer, and I can smell an open packet of pork scratchings from 100 metres!

Dislikes: Being ignored. Morris dancers, but they are always visiting the pub so I'm beginning to get used to them...

Special trick: Finding the busiest part of the pub and lying there, getting on TV.

Favourite person: I love everyone but my tail wags that little bit faster for Tracey, the pub cleaner and most reliable treat giver, and Jon who works on the outdoor bars and lets me ride in his van!

What I love the most: Chasing bits of mown grass or apples in the orchard and Wednesday nights in the pub when neighbouring dogs always visit!

What I do all day: Between walks round beautiful Bretforton, I like to keep an eye on my staff, making sure they keep the pub looking lovely, and keeping close just in case there's a treat in the offing. When that gets too tiring, I'll curl up in the office for a well-deserved snooze.

Why I love my home: What's not to like - open fires to lie in front of when it's cold, a big garden to lie in when it's sunny, lots of customers to admire my handsome features, and lots of doggy friends to play with! And lots of treats behind the bar...

Favourite walk in the Cotswolds: The long way round Bretforton, through the farm fields, with Broadway Tower in the distance. There's always something new to smell (or roll in...) and I get to have a dip in the stream. I think my humans like the fact it starts and ends at the Fleece - they always seem to build up a thirst!

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