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Dog Profile: Tilly at Forest And Wye Valley Camping Site

Dog Profile: Tilly at Forest And Wye Valley Camping Site


Hello, my name is Tilly and I am nearly 1 years old, it's my birthday on 16th March!! I am a Patterdale cross Border Terrier. My family own a Camping & Caravan Site and I am the site mascot, everyone loves me! My very favourite thing to do is run like crazy around the fields and to play catch with anyone who’s willing to throw me a ball. Oh, and I can also ride a horse bareback without falling off!!

Name: Tilly Worgan

Breed: Border/Patterdale

Age: 10 months

Home: St Briavels, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Preferred treats: Oooh treats! I love Pedigree Markies - Meaty Rolls, Apples, Carrots.. I could go on!

Dislikes: Absolutely nothing!! I will eat anything! Just try me...

Special trick: I may be young, but I’m clever for my age. I have learnt to give high 5's!

What I love the most: This is a toughie... Not! I love going for long crazy runs around the campsite! And of course I love meeting all of the lovely visitors who stay with us, especially the ones who fuss me lots!

What I do all day: I spend my whole day playing, eating and giving lots of cuddles out! It’s a hard life but I suppose someone has to do it...

Why I love my home: I’m lucky.. I actually have two homes! They are my favourite places because there’s always lots of treats and everyone loves me :-)

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